Urban Kansas City Students Benefit From Cutting-Edge Technology Delivered Through Public-Private Partnership

Urban Kansas City Students Benefit From Cutting-Edge Technology Delivered Through Public-Private Partnership


KANSAS CITY, Kan., March 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — OmniLife VR today announced an initiative with the Kansas City Kansas Public School District. The Educational Virtual Reality (E-VR) program was unveiled during a special celebration at Carl Bruce Middle School, one of three schools participating in the pilot program. 

“We are looking forward to integrating this cutting-edge technology into our curriculum. Benefits to our learning communities are limitless” said Dr. Alicia Miguel, Interim Superintendent of Schools. “This technology couldn’t arrive at a better time. It will help close so many gaps as we continue to explore how to deliver first-class education in new ways” said Christal Watson, head of the District’s Foundation for Excellence.

This technology does not replace professional staff; it merely supplements what they can accomplish. Each school will apply competencies and standards to support lessons with 250 different learning experiences.

“E-VR creates educational opportunities that were unimaginable with legacy technologies,” said Canise Salinas-Willich, principal of New Chelsea Elementary. “E-VR transports students from their desks to the Roman ruins, lets them mix chemicals and see the reaction without being physically harmed, and allows them to not only see but interact with virtual worlds.” 

Each of the three schools piloting the program will receive headsets and wireless controllers provided by OmniLife VR to make students feel like they are controlling what is happening in the VR simulation. Marco Stanich is the owner and CEO of OmniLife VR, a local Kansas City company with a global reach.

“We are honored to support the Kansas City Kansas School District with this top-tier technology. This is big news for education during COVID-19, in an urban district, and in the heartland of the US: Kansas City! If we can do this here, we can do it anywhere,” Stanich said. 

Stanich says that international research shows a 100% increase in attendance and a 30% improvement in test scores. E-VR enabled students also learn faster, remember longer, and make better decisions, and benefit from boosts to mental and physical wellness.

The investment is funded through a CARES ACT grant and the Barton P. Mary D. Charitable Trust acquired by the Foundation for Excellence. Two video cameras and 130 headsets are included in the pilot. With 23,000 students in District Schools, Watson says, “We are already looking at opportunities for funding future purchases.”

As a bonus, one project partner is outfitting a 48 ft mobile trailer to take the technology to schools and neighborhoods alike. This will be a “Game Changer” for students who are exploring career pathways,” said Dr. Clemons, Director of the Future Leaders Outreach Network (FLON).

OmniLife VR is a Kansas City based educational technology company with global reach, and a proud member of the North Kansas City Business Council.

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