Trailer used for Kansas City landscaping business stolen

Trailer used for Kansas City landscaping business stolen


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A recent high school graduate says video shows the trailer he depends on for his landscaping business being stolen in Kansas City, Missouri.

Tyler Robertson is trying to earn and save money before he leaves for Missouri Valley College in three weeks.

“It’s a real big setback,” Robertson said. “They just came back here, turned [the flatbed] around and zoomed up out of the driveway.”

The video shows a distinctive blue SUV with a tan front pull up to the back of the home on East Bannister Road.

Two men move the flatbed in place, connect it to the SUV and haul it away.

“What was on the flatbed was rocks to make sure that the flatbed doesn’t move around, and also tarps that I use for when I put down limbs, or when I uproot bushes, and stuff like that,” Robertson said.

His other lawn equipment was locked up at the time, but Robertson said that only lessens the sting.

“This is how I’m trying to take care of myself and my mom, and also take care of my future, and [the suspects] kind of just stripped that away from me,” Robertson said.

Robertson said if you can provide information leading to their arrest or the recovery of the trailer, you’ll be compensated.

“I’m willing to give up $100, as well as cut your grass for free,” Robertson said. “I just really want my stuff back.”

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