The Historic City Market and Farmers Market

The Historic City Market also known as the River Market, The River Quay and also as Westport Landing has been home to one of the Midwest’s largest public Farmers Markets since 1857. It is home to the Steamboat Arabia Museum, numerous restaurants, upscale lofts and apartments, retail shops, bakeries and serves as avenue for festivals and concerts.
Bloom Baking Co. serves as an irresistible attraction to sweet-tooths far and wide. In addition to tempting dessert items, Bloom produces delicious breads and croissants. A huge plus – Bloom Bakery is open on Sunday morning’s!

This Barcelona Soccer Fan is enjoying a delectable baked good while his parents shop for fresh produce. This seems like a fair trade-off to me!

The Farmers Market is “the place” to go for fresh cut flowers and potted plants.

On Saturday morning Bird’s Botanicals can be found among the Farmers Market Venders. Bird’s provides breath-taking Phalaenopsis, Cattleya and other orchid varieties.
Connor from Wakarusa Valley Farm sells organic produce and mushrooms. Wakarusa Valley Farm produces some of the most impressive mushrooms in the area.

Honey is one of the many local foods that can be found at the Farmers Market.
The Farmers Market has fresh, local grown produce that is not only delicious but a feast for the eyes and the camera.

A stroll through the Farmers Market on a Saturday morning wouldn’t be complete without the music provided by many musicians who play for tips.