Kansas City-based Entrepreneur Business Basics coming to Topeka area

Kansas City-based Entrepreneur Business Basics coming to Topeka area

An entrepreneurship course that has proven its worth in the Kansas City area is coming to Topeka this summer.

Kira Cheree, owner of Entrepreneur Business Basics, recently announced she is bringing her 12-week entrepreneur course, which is designed to help business owners of color, to Topeka — and there is still time to apply.

Cheree said she founded Entrepreneur Business Basics in 2014 and began her work by offering one-day workshops.

“It came out of a need to provide technical assistance to entrepreneurs of color, really just seeing the gaps and the deficit and the disparities,” she said. “African-American entrepreneurs really did not have the solid structure for their businesses to grow and sustain.”

Kira Cheree is the founder of Kansas City-based Entrepreneur Business Basics, which offers a 12-week course meant to equip entrepreneurs of color with the tools they need to sustain their businesses.

So she aimed to change that. And what started as one-day workshops has evolved into a 12-week entrepreneurship course focusing on everything from writing a business plan and gaining a better knowledge of finances to understanding consumer trends and marketing basics.

“We focus on entrepreneurs that are just starting, all the way to about year five,” Cheree said. “We really want them to have a great, solid foundation about how to do business — because a lot of times entrepreneurs of color are really great at their business, what their business industry is, but they lack the understanding of how to operate their businesses. So that’s our focus.”

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