Hunting In Kansas City

Hunting can be fun as a recreation and as a sport. No longer dominated entirely of men, more and more women are giving it a shot.

There are plentiful of hunting clubs or associations in Kansas City. Clubs use either guns or arrows & rods on hunts. Some clubs are specific to the type of game they hunt.

Kansas City offers managed hunts for the purpose of controlling urban deer populations, these are archery deer hunts.

To be eligible to hunt, the following must be satisfied: All member hunters must be valid Missouri residents. They must be at least 18 years of age or older. Certified on Bow Hunter Education, strictly no certification, no hunting. Preference is given to Missouri residents are live in Kansas City.

They following parks below are where these manged hunts are allowed.

* PLEASANT VALLEY PARK. 6401 NE Pleasant Valley Rd. Size is 40 acres. Hunting season is from  October 31, 2017 until January 15, 2018.

* JERRY SMITH PARK. 700 acres along Holmes Road. Hunting season is October 31, 2017 until January 15, 2018.

* SWOPE PARK. 758 acres at Oakwood Road from Oldham Road, South of E. Gregory Blvd. Hunting season is October 31, 2017to January 15, 2018.

* HODGE PARK. 200 acres at I-435 & 152 HWY. Women are only allowed to hunt here. Hunting season is October 31 to December 31, 2017.

* RIVER FRONT PARK. 500 acres along the Missouri River in central Kansas City located at River Front Road and N. Monroe Ave running east toward l-435.

* TIFFANY SPRINGS PARK. 787 acres located at Platte County NW Kansas City at NW 88th St. And North Hampton Road just north of 152 HWY.

Hunters are encouraged to harvest mature antlerless deer.

Other game that are hunted would be Pheasants, Duck, Quail, Canada Geese and Turkey.

Permits are needed for hunting and there are several. Below are some permits with their limits.

* Archer’s Hunting Permit

Deer – 2 deer of any gender but only one antlered deer may be taken before Nov. 11.

Turkeys – 2 of any sex.

Furbearers- Furbearers may be sold by the hunters. Non-residents cannot harvest.

Small game – refer to the seasons chart for prescribed limits.

* Firearms Antlerless Deer Hunting Permit

One antlerless deer.

* Firearms Any-Deer Hunting Permit

One antlered or antler-less deer.

* Archery Antler-less Deer Hunting Permit

Open counties with antlerless deer during archery deer season.

* Managed Deer Hunting Permit.

Rules determine the limits on managed hunts. Deer from managed hunts are not counted towards the limits set for archery or gun season.


Hunters are permitted to have dogs join them. However there are restrictions by locations, times and species. Dogs are not allowed on deer and turkey hunts. Dogs also cannot harvest beaver, river otter, mink and muskrat.

Other general hunting regulations are:

Fully automatic weapons are not allowed for any of the huntings. No use of tranquilizing drugs, poison, explosions and chemicals. Hunters are not allowed the use of ATVs.

More and complete details on all rules and regulations will be discussed once you join a club or association.