Homeless encampments in Kansas City becoming a dangerous situation

Homeless encampments in Kansas City becoming a dangerous situation


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Homeless encampments at City Hall and Westport may soon be removed but some volunteers say those living there won’t leave.

“They’re gonna stay in this area, or they’re going to stay in this 1.5-mile area. If they don’t well, I would like to see how they don’t because there’s nowhere else for them to go,” Alexander Davis, an artist and volunteer said.

City officials released a statement Saturday saying that this encampment needs to be dissolved. Saying, “the situation has moved beyond that of a protest and has become a public health and safety issue.”

The statement details the conditions at the City Hall encampment. They include the confiscation of weapons including a firearm, property damage, improper disposal of bodily fluids and waste, and more. 

The city provided them notice to relocate to shelters and nonprofits that provide housing. 

KC Homeless Union alleges that the City Hall encampment must be vacated by April 4 and the Westport encampment by April 5.

Business owners tells FOX4 they are ready to see them go. 

“I just, I just pray that they get those homeless tents from down there because it is a real eyesore,“ Deedee Macklin, a local business owner said.

“Unfortunately, they have been stealing things and we’ve asked to have security until nine because our employees don’t feel comfortable,“ said Craig Moncrief, the general manager of Nature’s Own Market.

Volunteers at the Westport encampment say lack of leadership has become a major issue.

“There has really been no organizer here. One that’s not on drugs just to be completely honest and that has been the biggest issue,“ Davis said.

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