EJ Wood’s personal and professional journey – Kansas City, Missouri

EJ Wood’s personal and professional journey – Kansas City, Missouri


Liberty, Missouri — Untouched supply Takeed off in Kansas City as a small local company that stretches across metropolitan boundaries.

The business Outpost physical store debuted in Liberty last November.

“My wholesale business slowed down, pop-up events took place and disappeared altogether. So we really needed a source of income. Liberty was very supportive and Kansas City was really ours. He showed up for me, “said owner EJ Wood.

Mr. Wood comes every day to continue his craft of making scented candles from scratch, a skill he learned himself.

“After about six months of doing some sort of research and trial and error, I like a really good place where everything works,” says Wood.

EJ candles are sold by Made in KC and local wholesalers. He turned his passion into a profitable business and now has a national footprint.

“It’s an affordable luxury, something I’ve always really enjoyed, and learning and getting excited about it was an easy step for me,” Wood said.

His excitement for his professional ambitions runs in parallel with his personal journey. He is transgender and came out in January. Two months ago, he underwent crown surgery with mental and financial support.

“Being a small business owner, insurance isn’t affordable for us at this time,” Wood said. “And it’s usually not covered yet. It’s also gender-affirming care of any kind. Within a month, I’ve raised over $ 10,000 to get the surgery.

His transition is on track and reassuring, but it’s a steep road for himself and the transgender community.

“I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, and I want to pass it on to the next generation, but the opposite is what’s out there,” Wood said. (It) is the opposite of acceptance, it is the opposite of tolerance. It’s like how you start to prosper in an environment where you are judged and controlled each time you turn around. To be yourself, you have to fight for your own rights. “

Pride Month is celebrated daily with Untamed Supply, and this June EJ wants to shed light on the people behind him and pave the way for progress.

“It took me until I was in my thirties to understand this about myself,” Wood said. “So it’s really powerful for us to share stories. For the younger generation, they can be who they are from the beginning.”

Untamed Supply celebrates pride month outside the Liberty Store and hosts pop-up events throughout the community.

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