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Online marketing throughout history has gone through many different names as the the profession has progressed.  Internet marketing, search engine optimization also known as SEO, search engine marketing also known as SEM and various others.  One of the unfortunate problems with this industry though is that unfortunately there are many imposters that claim to know what to do in this field but the real truth is that a small number actually are pros.  Among large Agencies, a  majority still mainly provide pay per click “PPC” which can be very helpful but is ignored by approximately 85% of the people performing searches on Google.  So as search has changed so has the industry.

Today many of the actions that used to be effective are no longer helpful.  In addition, the method of how people search online has changed dramatically with the rapid advances in personal mobile devices.  Recent estimates show that approximately 50 percent of all searches done in the united states is done by mobile devices.  This statistic may very by what company is providing the information, but there is no doubt that the percentage of searches on mobile is rising and the overwhelming search engine of choice in the United States is Google.  Most studies show that ninety percent of searches are performed using this company.  Obviously this is a juggernaut of a company that is entrenched in many different types of industries but certainly well known for it’s dominating search results engines.

One of the newer items that has popped up in digital marketing is what is called Google Maps Marketing.  There has been a long standing tradition of showing  businesses by category in an area on the top of the 1st page of the search results by keyword.  Initially there were 7 businesses that showed up in this area.  Recently, this has been reduced to three listings and has been coined as the Google 3 pack or the “map pack”.  The top 3 listings that are displayed occupy the most desirable positions that can be occupied.  The art of getting certain desired businesses into this 3 pack is called Google Maps Marketing.  The company that is featured on this page represents one of the elite companies in maps marketing in the Kansas City area.

In addition to maps rankings, “organic” ranking is also very important.  Directly below the maps pack are the organic rankings.  Once again the order in which a business is ranked can have an immense impact on the number of visitors that will eventually come to a specific web page.  The top three ranked websites will receive over 50% of all searches.  Websites that occupy positions on page 2 receive only 2% of search traffic.  The contrary to this statement is that around 98 percent of search results that do NOT look at page two of the search results.  The real importance of digital marketing lies in getting more targeted traffic to a customer’s website.  Once again, please trust the marketing firm show here today.

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