Chiefs RB Edwards-Helaire joins recruitment of WR Julio Jones

Chiefs RB Edwards-Helaire joins recruitment of WR Julio Jones


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones is perhaps the biggest name in NFL trade rumors nowadays and Kansas City Chiefs running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire has joined in his recruitment to the team.

More information has come out about the team Jones would like to join. Aside from looking to get traded to a team contending for a title, Jones reportedly said he wants to catch passes from a “big armed quarterback that can deliver a deep ball.”

That’s when Edwards-Helaire took to Twitter.

“Boyyyyy Do I Know Somebody with a strong arm????… oh would you look at the time!” his Tweet said.

The second-year running back is referring to Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes who is known for his strong arm and gun-slinging abilities.

At a camp he hosted in Wichita, Kansas, Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill said it would be amazing to play alongside two-time First-team All-Pro receiver.

“If I could play alongside Julio Jones, that would be amazing,” Hill said. “I used to be in high school when he was doing his thing at Alabama and I’ve been a fan ever since.”

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