JaneJane Redfield, Freelance Writer

Jane Redfield, freelance writer, is a native of the Kansas City area. A graduate of Carleton College and UCLA, she’s tried her hand at a wide variety of jobs from serving people with disabilities to teaching English to writing advertising copy for an insurance company. She loves travel, great food and, most of all, live entertainment.

Having lived on the West Coast and in Europe, her heart has always remained here in the Midwest. She’s happy to be helping others learn about undiscovered wonders in The Greater Kansas City.

Jane’s email address is jane.r.wilson@gmail.com.



BrittonBritton Hunter, President, Friends of KC Animals

Britton Hunter serves as president of charity, Friends of KC Animals, volunteering full-time to help abused, neglected, lost and abandoned animals in the Kansas City area. After retiring from a career in advertising, she now spends her days fielding questions and pleas for help regarding local animals, fundraising, promoting the spay/neuter of pets and adoption, and advocating for those without a voice. In addition, Britton is the proud mother of a compassionate little girl and a rescued, loving American Staffordshire Terrier.



robinRobin Templin, Volunteer Editor

Robin recently retired after almost 30 years with the Wichita Public Schools. Retirement has allowed her to finally pursue her interests that were previously “on the side”, such as graphic design and marketing. Robin is first and foremost a reader, and words are her one true love.

Being able to help with a cause she believes in, such as this wonderful venture, is a “no-brainer”. Plus, there is nothing more exciting than helping a friend make a dream come true. It’s all good!


  1. Jessica

    Hi! I was wondering if you have any positions available for a freelance designer or photographer. As a native of Kansas City, I’ve recently moved back (after 5 years in Chicago) and have done my best to make time to explore all Kansas City has to offer. So far, I’ve photographed around the West Bottoms and the riverfront, but I am interested in pursuing more. I would greatly enjoy working with you and look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for your consideration.

    1. kcikeizer

      Jessica, I wish I could say yes, but I can’t. We are less than a month old and are nowhere near being able to pay staff. The contributing writers are currently volunteers for whom I have great gratitude. If you would like to submit some work for the experience, I encourage you to do so. Thank you so much and we wish you only the best!

  2. Jon

    If you guys have an entire Service Organization page, and have an emphasis on the Kansas City area it might be a great idea to reach out to FreeWheelsKC. They do important work in the Kansas City area combating obesity rates in inner-city areas while also promoting empowerment, and leadership opportunities through cycling. They’re a young, driven organization that definitely deserves increased media exposure.

    1. kcikeizer

      Wow! Thank you so much. I will look into it. Thank you, Jon!

  3. Dan Hilderbrand

    Hello –

    I was recently introduced to The Greater Kansas City by Ms. Redfield. I like the concept and find your photography and articles very interesting. I must admit they invoke a bit of “home-sick” in me. My wife and I moved the Portland, OR area in 1978. We have family and close friends that live in the KC area. Our visit would not be complete without a visit to our old neighborhood near Brookside. Thank you. I will bookmark the website. Dan

    1. kcikeizer

      Thank you, Dan! Let us know when you are back for a visit, we’ll meet up at The Keg!

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