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The Greater Kansas City is an online magazine that encourages a higher level of appreciation for the Kansas City area. Using beautiful photography, dependable research and well written articles The Greater Kansas City has the goal of educating its readers in order to help them appreciate the significance of supporting local business, discovering new start-ups and finding value in local green innovation. Additionally The Greater Kansas City seeks to bring recognition to individuals and organizations that have and are creating a Kansas City that is increasingly attractive not only to those who live and work here but to new residents, potential new businesses and to tourism.

The Greater Kansas City believes that the Kansas City area is underappreciated and under promoted. We believe that Kansas City is a beautiful, culturally diverse city that is rich in the arts, entertainment, fine restaurants, natural beauty, with a vast history and most importantly, amazing people.

We at the Greater Kansas City feel certain that by creating a respectable and attractive publication that promotes Kansas City, we can attract sponsors who will offer support for our continued efforts. It is our goal to pay ourselves and to reinvest in continued growth.

It is our expectation that The Greater Kansas City will serve numerous elements of the city, including; city government, tourism, retail and service related industry by bringing attention to the value that each offer.

It is our intention to have fun in our efforts, to continue to learn and to continuously improve our skills. It is our expectation that we will become acquainted with people who inspire awe, make new friends and celebrate all the things that make Kansas City great.

ingridIngrid Keizer Wilson, Writer/Photographer

My parents lived on three continents by the time they were in their early thirties. When they immigrated to the US they made rural Lawrence, Kansas their home and aside from vacations abroad, they never left.

I must have inherited my father’s desire to know the world. My earliest memories are of holding the globe on my lap and running my finger along the Himalayan mountain range or tracing the Alps through the alpine regions of Europe and pausing on Mont Blanc to imagine what lie below. When I imagined the jungles of Asia or the wildlife of Africa I was filled with the same sense of wonder and trepidation that I feel today.

 Interestingly, each time I’ve left the Kansas City area, I feel an unbelievable sense of comfort by all that greets me upon my return.

Kansas City has a unique quality that embodies what my European friends like to call American Optimism. Only the word “optimism” can define what it was that those early explorers possessed when they headed west to discover new frontiers. Some of those explorers settled here and laid the foundation for the pony express and the cattle trade.  It was optimism that created the merger that resulted in the beginnings of TWA. It was optimism that led Ewing Kauffman to begin a Laboratory in the basement of his home. It is optimism that drives those brave start-ups to enter into the Kansas City market.   It is optimism that offers a safe place to refugees from all over the world and optimism that brings those refugees to us.

In Kansas City one needn’t look far to see the history that helped create what Kansas City is today. A turn of a corner might introduce a melody of live music whose roots can be found in the tunes of Jazz greats like Charlie Parker, Big Joe Turner or Count Basie.  Certainly Kansas City’s enthusiasm for the Royals World Series participation is entrenched in the days of Monarchs Negro League baseball and the strife involved in journey towards more equality in professional sports.

Perhaps part of the depth of Kansas City is illustrated in it’s bold early, 20th century, downtown architecture or even in the entertainment establishments that once served as speakeasies during prohibition. Many of the historic homes in the earliest suburbs of Kansas City serve as a reminder of grandeur, prosperity and even of a frivolity that can easily be imagined upon seeing them.

 In my perception, even the areas that suffer from atrophy, the worn brick that bears the faded slogans of a time past or the colorful graffiti of a clandestine artist holds an undeniable beauty and I am smitten.

Today’s Kansas City is a city rich in professional sports, excellent restaurants, world class, cultural arts, philanthropy, ethnic diversity and education. Kansas City is a complex enigma of history, optimism, unsurmountable determination and innovation. Not everything in our history brings us pride, not all of our memories are happy ones, like any good story it is our scars that make us interesting. Whether we share the DNA of those who came here first or whether we came here a month ago after years of waiting in a refugee camp, we are the Greater Kansas City.

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  1. Esther Leech

    Hey! I am a student at the Kansas City Art Institute. I am looking for internships in photography and photojournalism. I would love to get involved in what The Greater Kansas City is doing.

  2. Zachary Quinn

    Hey! I love this page, I used to be a city photographer and writer back in highschool via my schools journalism class in Biloxi, Mississippi. I would love to work with you if you ever need an extra (:

    1. kcikeizer

      Hi Zachary! Thank you. I am always looking for “extra” help. I however, am not in a position to pay for photos or articles right now. If however, you would like to submit some work for publication, I would love to have a look! My email address is Feel free to send something my way!

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