Wanted : Photo and Story Submissions

Hey There Kansas City,

I’m almost ready to jump back in to the GKC, but a full-time job that I really love and my new life as a single mom has to take precedence. I’m also still a little predisposed to capturing dreary images and introspective ramblings, so I’d like to invite writers to submit articles written about Kansas City, our history, our people and our locally owned businesses. Kansas City has so many beautiful photographers, and so I ask that your Kansas City based photo submissions come in the form of a photo essay. If you don’t want to write an article about the subject, consider telling us about the photo and what captured your attention when the photo was taken.

This is what you need to know:

1.) We can’t pay you for articles or photos published. We can promise you that well written, thought provoking material will get attention. Kansas Citians are Kansas City Proud and we love to be reminded about what a great place this is. You will be rewarded with praise and tons of positive feedback. You will also have the opportunity to share your talent with an audience. We will pay to boost articles that we love.

2.) No Trash Talk. We aren’t interested in publishing articles that pan businesses or local business owners. Our take is that we promote what we like and celebrate it. Bad food, poor products and lousy service have a way of telling their own story, eventually.

3.) Submissions that contain racial slurs, disparaging remarks about those that are economically challenged, negative comments about ANY faith system or comments that attack gender or sexual orientation will be denied, and you will probably be blocked.

3.)  Though we are inviting submissions, we can’t and won’t accept everything. If your submission is rejected, don’t give up. Don’t take it personally. Try sending us fresh material at a later date.

4.) Curse words are acceptable as long as they are not used to degrade others. We like the expression that cursing allows.

5.) Fictional Short Stories that take place in Kansas City will be considered.

Please send your submissions to Kcikeizer@gmail.com.

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