Dear Jedi Warrior

Dear Jedi Warrior,

Last weekend my friend and I strolled through your neighborhood taking photos of the architectural elements of homes, against the brilliant blue sky. Though the morning air was brisk, the sun shone and warmed the exposed surfaces of our skin. The colors of autumn offered the perfect contrast against the historic homes. The day created the perfect backdrop for photo taking. It was hard not to take a good shot. It was the image of your lightsaber however, that I have carried with me all week.

When I saw your saber lying on the brick sidewalk among the leaves, I couldn’t help but imagine the scene that led to the abandoned weapon. My mindseye saw you wielding your weapon powerfully. Your arms were extended outward and the look of calm determination defined your face. You battled  against the evil forces that threatened life as we know it. I saw your worthy opponent, fueled by adrenaline, fierce, but taxed by your persistence and skill while the sun streamed through the trees and golden leaves fell around you. I envision that it was only when you were called inside to dinner that you threw down your saber in frustration and abandoned the world created in your imagination to the warm meal that awaited you.

This morning when I left my home, I felt winter in the air. I thought about that saber and wondered if you’d thrown it in the back of your closet or if it had been kicked under some clutter beneath your bed. Soon enough your battles will hopefully include an ambush of snowballs thrown from the safety of a white fortress of ice, painstakingly built by you and your friends. Perhaps the lightsaber will come out again before spring or perhaps it will be forgotten as life progresses and other distractions appear. In the near future, there are sure to be virtual battles locked into a screen, things with motors and wheels, the pursuit of first kisses and warm skin. Life moves along, young Jedi.

I thought about mentioning the uncertainty that exists in our world as you grow and reach towards the person that you will be. The truth is that though you are entering into an ever-changing world, there has always been uncertainty. There have been powerful fights for civil rights, troubling world leaders, horrible greed, unimaginable acts against humanity and though the earth is full of riches, lives have been lost to needless hunger. Much like spoiled children, it seems that humanity requires frequent lessons in loss in order to maintain the course and proceed respectfully. We adults are slow learners, Jedi.

It seems to me, that in the pursuit of all the elements of life that help us to live longer, more comfortably and to move faster, we somehow forgot how to live. When basic survival was the driving force in life, we understood better that life is about protecting the moments that we share with those we love. Though we will always mourn those things that slip through our hands, when we truly honor their existence in our lives, we have less regret. I’m fearful that the pursuit for something that we don’t have has taken us so far from what is real and true that we no longer have the ability to protect it. We don’t even know what we are fighting for. I’m guessing however, that the future will hold more battles over differences that we don’t understand. I anticipate that those fights will define us more and more distinctly until we are finally pared down to what we are at our core. It won’t be until then that we realize that we’ve all been fighting for the same thing, the right to protect the moments that we share with those we love.

What I do know Jedi, is that regardless of our origin and our circumstances,we all come into life the same way. We leave the safe incubators of our mothers bodies into a world of wonder and possibility. We also all leave the same way, taking our last breath with the knowledge of the moments we leave behind.

As you move forward in life, dear Jedi, try to hold onto some of the wonder of childhood. When the stresses of life hold you hostage, look for the way that the light reflects off of the wings of geese flying in formation. Close your eyes and feel the sun on your face. Listen to a piece of music composed centuries ago on the other side of the earth. Don’t get lost in images generated by a computer or by the pursuit of something that you don’t really need. Plant a garden. Restore a good piece of furniture. Cook a simple meal with someone that you love. Cherish those moments. Don’t let them slip through your hands.

With the greatest esteem and respect, I am, dear Jedi, your most obedient and most humble servant.




The Jedi Creed

There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. There is no passion, there is serenity. There is no chaos, there is harmony. There is no death, there is the Force.



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