Have a Happy and Safe Independence Day

Happy Independence Day from the Greater Kansas City Online Magazine to you and your loved ones.

4th 1

Whether you are celebrating in small town USA or

4th 7in the heart of Kansas City.

4th 16

Celebrate the diversity of all that around us.

4th 10Celebrate the people that have come to us to share in our freedom…

4th 2The musicians who carry our musical journey through time..

4th 6Those who remind us of who we are and where we’ve come from..

4th 9Those who carry knowledge and experience..

4th 11Those who are beginning new lives with optimism and love, all kinds of love..

4th 5Let’s celebrate the abundance with which we live..

4th 17The local farmers and gardeners that help to put food on our plates..

4th 4The wealth of nourishment that springs from our soil…

4th 15The nature all around us..

AK 3Let’s celebrate the freedom of religion that we can practice or not practice whatever it may be..

4th 8

Let’s celebrate the “start up” sector and the unions from which they are born..

4th 3The symbols that define “some of us” and the freedom that we have to debate our differences..

901 4

Let’s celebrate the leadership of our cities and the people who make things happen..


4th 19

Most importantly, this 4th of July, let’s celebrate the simplicity of community and friendship, all of the elements of a Greater Kansas City.


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