The Colors of the Rainbow

Mayor Sly James has called for today, June 13th to be designated a Rainbow Day to honor the victims of the past weekend’s Orlando shooting. Thank you Mayor James and thank you Kansas City for taking a bold step forward.

As the editor of the Greater Kansas City I’ve consciously avoided subjects that pertain to politics, religion and sexuality. It has been my belief that it is in my best interest not to identify my opinions regarding those issues. In my personal life I am a fierce defender of those beliefs.

The Greater Kansas City is an online publication that celebrates the greatness of the Kansas City Community. In February 2015, Our Mayor James tweeted, “LGBT COMMUNITY! You are welcome in Kansas City!” I was personally beyond proud. And so today, The GKC joins the Kansas City community in flying the colors that honor the Orlando victims. We also proudly send the message, “Members of the Greater Kansas City LGBT Community, You are our brothers, our sisters, our mothers and fathers, sons and daughters and we love you”.



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